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Jungle Speaks

open web

Jun 21, 2016

This awesomely 'geek'.

klint finley

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But the biggest problem facing the decentralized web is probably neither technical or legal. And that’s getting people to care in the first place. At a time when people spend most of their time in closed-off platforms like Facebook and Snapchat, so much of what humans digitally produce stays locked up anyway.

Bringing people back to the open web is going to mean creating user experiences that are fun enough and easy enough to persuade people to venture out of the confines of today’s app-centric Internet. But Tim Berners-Lee, the creator of the original web, isn’t worried. After all, the open web already beat out walled gardens with names like America Online, Compuserve, and Prodigy.

You can make the walled garden very very sweet,

Berners-Lee said at the summit.

But the jungle outside is always more appealing in the long term.

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