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Jungle Speaks

plastic love

Jan 31, 2018

This is proper 'english'.

Yentl Touboul

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72 hours later, and we were meeting up with legendary filmmaker friend Kylian Castells at Denpasar’s glorious Ngurah Rai airport. Tito followed an hour later. He was wearing his Halloween hat and we couldn’t be happier to finally be back in plastic land together—eating chocolate bars wrapped in plastic, and drinking lemon water out of plastic bottles. Driving through the plastic covered streets and humming the burnt plastic fumes in the air.

We’d already been traveling for 30 hours, and we still had 20 more to go, but standing on the deck of the rusted ferry at 1 am eating noodles out of a plastic cup felt so glorious that it even made us forget how bad we wanted a shower.

We were back in Indonesia, the one and only country that we adore so much.

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