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Jungle Speaks

reasons to go

Sep 19, 2014

This awesomely 'geek'.


Go figure

Ask where I come from?

I dont really know what you want to know, wanna know last place i’ve been?

Went to Oz and they wont let me ride a bicycle with no helmet. Too dangerous… kangaroo crossing.

Went to HK and old mens are wearing flip flop in the winter cold.

Went to Singa and lah 1000 dollar fine for picking a flower.

Went to Thailand and only paid. Seen man with tits bigger than the girls ones. Seen kid praying to a billboard image.

Went to Indonesia they say Welkom and don’t welcome you. They say Polusi Frustrasi Demokrasi… They pay teachers to get kids promoted. Funny traditions, practical frugality and hospitality. Difficult to leave.

Went to England and kids were drunk.

Went to Denmark and really too dark.

Went to France and loved the women.

Went to Italy and I almost couldn’t get out anymore.

When to Prague for a short timed invitation. Kids where peeling stickers off our old beaten car.

Went to U.s.a. and all brain washing.

Went to Mexico and saw yankees got squeezed on arrival.

Went to Costa Rica. Ordered Gallo Pinto and came in about a week. Found nice jungle music and way too many guns and powders.

Went to Germany and made some money.

Went to Sri Lanka and never wanted to leave.

Went to Spain and car got robbed.

Yes I still have reasons to go.

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