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Jungle Speaks

world economy

Dec 31, 2015

This really 'serious'.


Go read

Conflating wealth with GDP growth? LOL. Struggling GDP need to first reduce debts (the current norm) before real savings emerge for long term investments not the current fueling of paper asset inflation. This is a challenging journey for most economies. Should they emerge with one eye (less debts) in the world of blinds, they will be very different economies. You cannot even bet that the Survivors will have better wealth distribution.

Wealth creation will continue away from all the propagated TE data within the tight circles of the global 1% elites who are transnationals. 2016 and beyond will be great for their guarded habitats in choice cities. They will further distant from wastelands and juicy savannah. Where they live and hunt are 2 different places.

Think Cities in the global economy and not nations. Nations cannot even find common denominators from the splitting of even more tribes engendered by globalization. Your own tribe exist beyond your residences and it may lie in the virtual space. That’s where the bonding will flourish uninhibited.

Leave the Politicians and Bureaucrats alone screaming with increasing hoarseness protecting their vested interests to be torn by global market forces.

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