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Jungle Speaks


Aug 8, 2015

This awesomely 'geek'.

Bret Victor

Go see

Zazzle Drawback 1

Competition…and Lots of It

Getting noticed in the endless sea of products is challenging

Most people combat this with by: Creating great design, Appealing to a niche, Using highly relevant tags to describe their work and Self promotion.

Zazzle Drawback 2

Base Prices uhm…

OK price: T shirts, posters, postcards,laptop sleeves. WAY TOO MUCH: key chains, necklaces

Zazzle Drawback 3

Zazzle Can Change the Terms…:

Lots uploaded millions of images and had shops that they made a living off of. Then the company no longer allowed them to set their royalty rate past 10% if the item was found via their marketplace.

Zazzle Drawback 4

It Can Take Months or Never For a Design to Sell:

No sales! Oh no! What is wrong? Have I failed at life and art? No, U have not failed. That is very typical.

U upload, U are starting at the bottom of the pack. The popularity of Ur panda will rise if you share…and Zazzle records it.

Zazzle Drawback 5

You Have to Wait…Again…For Your Payment

2 months wait your payment cos Zazzle has a 30 days return window. U pay a fee before you meet a certain threshold of payment.

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